About Us

What are we?

A newly establishing physiotherapy facility with up todate physiotherapy services working on the principle of physical diagnosis and problem solving approach. Here we work on treating the cause of problem and not only the problem!!  Once you approach us eliminating your ailment in least possible time will be our priority. So, come and experience the new era of physiotherapy and lead a healthy life!!


What inspired us? Our Vision!!

While working in a metro city we came across many big brand physiotherapy clinics which definitely have taken physiotherapy to the next level in India. In few instances we had to refer some tough cases to such clinics but they faced many problems like distance, accessibility etc. Then it came to our mind that despite  sending the cause to the solution, we can bring the solution to the cause!! And that led to the foundation of ‘Healing Hands – Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation’ with this first clinic Hisar gets a new definition of Physiotherapy. In near future we plan to setup a chain of physiotherapy clinics with a sole aim to make quality physiotherapy presently limited to metros and big cities available in fast developing towns and small cities of India.


For Patients!!

We have up to date physiotherapy solutions for any type of bodily ailments amongst the orthopedic, neurological and cardiovascular conditions.

Along with therapeutic solutions we offer whole body postural screening, where we actually try to find out what musculoskeletal problem you might end up with and then we treat is before it bothers you. Working on similar grounds we conduct various seminars for school teachers, students and other professionals about Ergonomics, self detection and remedy of musculoskeletal ailments.

Moreover you can get some products of need with respect to your condition and also find a physio to visit your place anywhere in India if you cannot visit us!!


For fellow physios!!

We have upcoming seminars and CPE (continued physiotherapy education) programs for physios expecting more out of their profession (Keep an eye on ‘notice board’ section for more details). Apart from these courses we have articles with recent trends in physiotherapy, downloadable home exercise protocols and registration to get private visit calls, physio products and loads of career opportunities!!


What Else?

Well that’s not all!! We also offer ‘Physiotherapy outsourcing solutions’ for hospitals and the chain is open for franchise for ambitious physios all across India!!


We hope we benefit each and everyone related in one or the other way!!