Our Approach

We at “Healing Hands” work with a Problem Solving Approach. Unlike traditional Physiotherapy management of fixed protocols towards a specific type of condition, we rely more on evidence based assessment and treatment.

Here we take every patient with a similar or same problem as a separate case, as in physiotherapy scenario we cannot generalize things!! Human body responds differently to similar treatment or stimuli. Keeping that in mind we absorbed and materialized the ‘less-heard-of’ concept of Physical Diagnosis. Under which we try to find out from where the pain or symptom is exactly coming from!!

The concept Physical Diagnosis acknowledged worldwide not only amongst physios but also in other health care professionals. Once we find out and formulate a physical diagnosis, then we treat it in its accordance so that our patient or client gets the desirable results.

In nutshell here at “Healing Hands” we do not target just symptoms but we try to alleviate the source of the symptoms to eliminate them…. and never come back again!!